About Judy

We moved to Bend 20 years ago and when I share with new friends and clients the things I love most about living here, I am reminded of what a very different place Bend was in 1992.

Our first visit to Bend was a quick weekend visit to meet the development team at Broken Top and see what they had planned. This idea of looking at Bend came about on the recommendation of golf legend and course designer Tom Weiskopf who was working on the new Broken Top course. At the time, we were working with Tom on the Forest Highlands community in the mountains of Northern Arizona near Flagstaff where he and Jay Morrish had done the course design and Tom had built a second home.

Trip after trip, Tom would return raving about the beauty of these Cascade Mountains, the amazing variety of outdoor sports ( he was crazy for the outdoors! ), and specially the tremendous growth potential of Central Oregon as the region was discovered. No, there was no Old Mill District (just an old mill), or Parkway, not even a Costco, and not much in the way of restaurants. The Deschutes Brewery, Yoko’s, the Pine Tavern and the D&D. That was about it. Just kind of a quaint little logging town making the transition (hopefully) to a tourist based economy. But, with the wonders of the Deschutes River, the Cascades, the High Desert, and throw in our spectacular Central Oregon weather, it was really just a matter of time. And now, how amazing to look back over 20 years of fun, friends and a great life we’ve had the opportunity to build in this special place. Of course, as we all now know, Bend was and continues to be discovered in a big, big way.

I began my real estate career specializing in golf and resort properties over 26 years ago in Arizona. I’ve been involved many areas of project development from land planning and CC&R’s to branding decisions, marketing and sales. Starting with the initial groundbreaking to homesite and vertical product sales, I have had the chance to work on many successful, wonderful communities in Arizona, Oregon, and the Bahamas.

Here in Bend, it has been great fun and very rewarding in so many ways, to have been able to participate in this remarkable transformation of a town and a region. From an isolated logging town, fading economically, to a thriving regional hub with many high profile destination resorts, Bend has grown beyond all expectation.

Even through recent challenging times, the foundations of our community; the high quality healthcare, solid, diversified base of commerce and industry, and a secure, quality schools system, have served  to make Bend and Central Oregon one of ‘the places’ to visit when people consider that important ‘lifestyle’ move.

Obviously, active living is an important consideration for people who have chosen to move to Central Oregon. Many of us enjoy multiple sports like cycling, running, biking, alpine and nordic skiing, windsurfing, kiteboarding,  snowboarding, paddling, and fly fishing, just to name a few. The culture and art scene here draw even more new residents to this area every year. There is always more things to do here than we have time to enjoy.

We all know that finding the right home, the right builder, right spot, can be time consuming and sometimes over-whelming. It’s a process of discovery. In my career I have focused on building relationships. Dependable, quality builders, smart lenders, and efficient title companies, all solid relationships built over 20 year in Bend. And with my clients, the secret to my success as a top selling agent has been listening, and truly understanding their desires. Then having the tenacity, knowledge and skill to find the perfect property that fits their lifestyle and needs. I meet new people every day who are visiting our wonderful community and I’m often asked, “Since I’ve lived here so long, what is the best advise that I can offer?”  The answer is simple. Utilize my years of experience and expertise to help you in your search, to obtain the best investment possible and to make your dreams a reality.

For these and so many other reasons, I have remained committed to offering the finest in resort and luxury properties in the Bend area.  It’s my experience, that once people have discovered the beauty, and the wonders of Central Oregon, the desire to experience life here is inevitable for most. It is only a matter of time before each of us starts searching for the perfect vacation home, new residence or future home site.